Lil' Ian at Needingworth Festival, Cambridge

Well, what happened to 2017? Here we are in 2018 and still trying to get myself together after the 13 years in New Zealand.

Gradually making some new changes in my set and in the gigs I get. Last year saw me play Europe for the first time - a festival in Belgium. That went well and have been asked when I am going back - the answer to which I don't currently have. I have a house concert booking anytime I am over there and am going to looki into those sorts of gigs - I really like the feel of house concerts. What am I playing? Well, still playing blues and slide but including some, what I might call, early Nashville stuff - Merle Travis, Maybelle Carter and some Chet Atkins and Doc Watson. The jazz took a bit of a back seat 2017 as did many other things. Personal reasons dictated that I was not going to play much. But, back inthe driving seat and some good things planned for this year.

As usual I will point out that I am always looking for gigs - whether that be a club, festival, house-concert or a private party. You can get in touch with me via the Contact page, Facebook or Twitter. Hope to see you somewhere soon.

Lil' Ian